Wait for Me: Part Two

Vision Records Book 2

It's been five years since Didier Juste last saw Serra Jean. He stayed away, waiting, and vowing to give her the space she needed to grow and heal from their past. And while Serra had learned some things about Didier's childhood, nothing will prepare her for what she is about to discover about the man she loves and thinks she knows.


In this riveting conclusion to the two-part romance, Wait for Me, Didier will be forced to choose between the two things he loves most, his work and Serra. And trust, Serra isn't going to make it easy for him. Then a trip to Haiti, brings up unwanted memories of a past he is either trying to run from, or trying to make up for, but just can't seem to accomplish either.


With the scenic, sultry, but mystical Haitian island as their beautiful backdrop, Didier and Serra will learn they mean more to each other than they could have ever imagined, but will their connection be enough to get them through all the ordeals that await them? Is their love strong enough to endure the havoc his past has made on his emotional and mental health? And is Serra patient enough to do the one thing she's never really been good at and wait... for him?


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