Chasing Moonlight

Vision Records Book 3

Amanda Jacobs is the petite, proper, uptight Events Coordinator at Vision Records, but she wasn’t always the straight and narrow, steadfast, all work and no play type. And to top it all off, she has secrets to make any unworthy man want to run for the hills.


In comes Jason Thomas, Vice President of the record label he and Didier Juste started five years ago. He’s rich, smart, gorgeous, and has a reputation with the ladies. But from the moment Jason meets Amanda, he knows keeping his hands, and his heart to himself in the office is going to be an act of pure self-restraint.


Jason has his own little secret too, he suffers from adult ADHD, and his rash personality might be a little much for Amanda’s stoic demeanor. Can Jason get past Amanda’s perfected indifference and self-imposed walls? Will Amanda ever heal from her haunting past and trust Jason enough, despite his history with the ladies, to let love in? Chasing Moonlight is the story of two perfectly flawed people stumbling through a relationship that is anything but normal while struggling with the pitfalls of engaging in a steamy office romance.


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